SuperM’s Mark Once Reenacted His Parents’ Proposal And It Was Everything

“Can you brag about it forever, too?” 🥲

In fall 2020, SuperM starred in a series titled SuperM’s As We Wish. In this show, the members crossed various items off their bucket list, including acting in a romantic drama.

From left to right: Ten, Baekhyun, Lucas, Taemin, Taeyong, Kai, Mark.

Some members made fans laugh with the melodrama or absurdity, such as when Lucas fulfilled his partner’s dying wish by [SPOILER ALERT] dancing to SHINee‘s “Replay.” But youngest member Mark‘s segment touched fans’ hearts — even if the idol did get embarrassed by his own acting.

Mark (pink hair) cringed at his own acting.

Titled “Because I Love You,” Mark’s story involved a long-distance relationship. He narrated how his character traveled 10,594km to another country to see her.

He called his romantic interest at “the restaurant where we first met,” and prepared wine and dinner. After asking her to meet him there, when she arrived, he hid and pretended to be running late.

The character received a bouquet from the restaurant celebrating their 6th anniversary, and after reading a note that says “You’ve waited for a long time, right?” Mark entered and sat by the piano.

He sang the song “Because I Love You” by Yoo Jae Ha, which he explained was the song his father sang to his mother the night he proposed!

Mark had told the staff about his father’s proposal and expressed his interest in wanting to recreate that moment.

His mother, who taught him piano, said watching Mark do what his father did all those years ago would be fascinating!

From left to right: Taemin, Taeyong, Kai, Mark. 

Though Mark got embarrassed while watching the final result with his members, the rest of the group applauded his surprisingly good acting abilities as well as his romantic story. Mark ended up winning the award for Super Romantic Guy in that episode!

Here’s the full video: