SuperM Roasted Leader Baekhyun For Dropping A Major Spoiler

“We’re not supposed to say that!” – Taeyong

As a leader, SuperM‘s Baekhyun knocks the role out of the park. Between coming to his members’ rescue or giving them a helping hand, it turned out to be the perfect position for him. At least, when he’s serious.

From hilariously thinking of abusing his authority to now dropping a major spoiler, the rest of the group had to step in once again to rein him in.

In the live countdown leading up to the release of their “Tiger Inside” music video, they sat down to discuss the track and a couple of behind the scenes stories. To keep the conversation going, Kai asked about their location, “Tell me, where are we?” Baekhyun being Baekhyun, he went off-script.

Without a care in the world, he revealed it was the site they used for filming. He even included how much time they’d spent there, “This is where we filmed our new music video. We filmed the music video until early this morning and slept about three hours, right?

Baekhyun knew precisely what he was doing, “Spoilers are important to you. This is where we filmed our new music video.” Adding to everyone’s amusement at the unexpected spoiler, Taeyong cracked up while calling him out, “We’re not supposed to say that.” Even Kai was surprised, his mouth hanging open.

Of course, it turned into chaos, with everyone pretending to drop their own spoilers and laughing it up. After Baekhyun told everyone to settle down, he had the cutest guilty expression while Taeyong called him out once more. “Look what’s written on my script. It says, ‘The secret will be revealed later.‘” Mark came to his aid, pointing out how serious it was, “But, that’s a real spoiler.

Making them all laugh even more, Taemin claimed that Baekhyun might as well hand out the specific location for everyone to come join them, “How about letting people know the address here?” By then, even Baekhyun was playing along, “That’ll be convenient.Lucas couldn’t help but clap while laughing.

Even though Ten is known as one of the members who can’t resist dropping spoilers, especially regarding WayV‘s activities, it seems like he’s in perfect company thanks to the new Spoiler King.

Check out SuperM bursting to laughter over Baekhyun’s bold spoiler while also calling him out.