SuperM Shared Their Greatest Fears, And They’re Super Relatable

Taeyong, though 😂

SuperM recently sat down for an interview with YouTube channel hello82. Besides discussing who would survive a zombie apocalypse, they also revealed their greatest fears in life. From ghosts to heights, they’re ultra-relatable!

Check them out below!

1. Mark

Mark shared that he’s afraid of heights, which makes it difficult for him to ride roller coasters.

2. Taeyong

Taeyong revealed the story of how his fear of ghosts came to be. He, Baekhyun, and Lucas were sleeping in the same bed, and he became scared of ghosts after watching a scary movie with them.

There’s a specific event that triggered this fear. When we were in Mexico, we watched a movie…I’ll go with ghosts.

— Lucas

3. Lucas

Lucas wasn’t able to finish his sentence before Baekhyun and Taeyong hilariously teased him that he was also scared of ghosts.

4. Ten

Out of all the members, Ten definitely has the most unique fear. He shared that he is afraid of eating fruits and insects. The taste of the former probably scarred him for life!

5. Kai

Finally, Kai was the last person who shared his greatest fear. He explained that nothing really scares him. If anything, he is afraid of people who can be “the scariest” as Mark expounded.

If you want to see SuperM share more of their experiences, watch the entire video below!