Taemin’s “Magic Hands” Have Rubbed Off On Baekhyun And Now Nobody Is Safe

Nobody is safe from their ball tosses!

Over the years, Taemin’s habit of breaking, losing, and causing general mayhem by pure accident, aka his magic hands, has become the stuff of legends. That legend has recently come alive once again during SuperM‘s concerts and it looks like Taemin isn’t the only one suffering from some magic hands!


Fans have gotten a good look at Taemin’s legendary habit during many of SuperM‘s recent concerts. In many of their stops, Taemin attempted to pass the signed concert balls to fans…and adorably failed!


But during SuperM’s performance in Atlanta, fans noticed that Taemin’s magic hand skills seem to be rubbing off on Baekhyun too! During their concert, Baekhyun was handing out his balls, lobbed one into the crowd…


And accidentally hit some fans! Baekhyun was immediately startled by the surprise turn of events and quickly sent out a cute apology to the fan!


Luckily, fans are loving Baekhyun’s magic hands moment just as adorable as all of Taemin’s!


So even if Baekhyun has caught some of that magic hand luck, it’s putting a huge smile on everyone’s face!