SuperM’s Taeyong Might’ve Been Just A Little Jealous Of Ten And Baekhyun

Ten picked up on it right away.

When it comes to SuperM‘s Baekhyun, everyone knows that Taeyong is particularly fond of him—even Baekhyun himself. That’s why fans were quick to notice a moment from the group’s reaction to their newest music video “100”.

Taeyong showed a little bit of jealousy towards Ten when he spotted him and Baekhyun getting a bit too comfortable without him.

As Baekhyun took the lead and began to wrap up the video, Taeyong was drawn to the way he was seated. The other members covered both of his legs’. Lucas over his left leg; Ten over his right leg.

By the way he looked down at their legs, everyone knew Taeyong wouldn’t have minded being next to his favorite hyung as well. The strength of his stare was so strong that it didn’t go unnoticed by Ten, making Taeyong smile.

Ten looked from Taeyong to Baekhyun with a bright smile on his face. Realizing the situation, he couldn’t resist laughing and looked down for a bit.

The funny moment between them had thousands of fans cracking up over Taeyong’s reaction, imagining what had been going through his mind.

Check out Taeyong’s stare that had fans and Ten cracking up at his adorable jealousy here.