Supermodel-Turned-Actress Defies Ageing With Her Unbelievable Visuals At 48 Years

Moisturized, unbothered, in her lane.

Ageing tends to have a stereotypical image in popular culture. More visible wrinkles, sagging skin, a weaker body — for any average Joe, this is what getting old looks like in their perception. But this one actress-turned-model is challenging all these stereotypes by being her hottest self, even at 48 years old!

Han Go Eun started her entertainment career as a 20-year-old model after winning the Super Elite Model Contest in 1995.

A young Han Go Eun | Hancinema
| Hancinema
| Hancinema

She continued in the profession for several years before shifting gears and pursuing a career in acting in 1998. She was a part of some popular TV dramas, including Happy Together (1999) and Bodyguard (2003), but her acting remained a subject of criticism for a long time.

| IMDb

It was around 2006 that she started getting positive acknowledgement for her roles in projects like Love and Ambition (2006), Capital Scandal (2007), and The Reputable Family (2010).

Han Go Eun in “The Reputable Family” | Hancinema

Her career as an actor has seen admirable longevity of over 25 years, with her most recent project being the 2022 comedy-drama Never Give Up.

Han Go Eun in “Never Give Up” | Hancinema

In all these years, Han has won many accolades, including multiple popularity awards at drama award shows. Apart from her acting, the most talked-about topic related to her is her ageless beauty.

| Hancinema

Even at 48 years of age, her visuals will have any layman convinced that she is at least a decade and a half younger.

| @hangoeun310/Instagram

Along with her beautiful face, Han has also worked hard to keep her body fit all these years.

Han Go Eun in 2018 on the variety show “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny” | Edaily
Han in 2022 on “Never Give Up” 

She also often posts no-makeup photos on her social media, confidently showing her youthful appearance.

| @hangoeun310/Instagram
| @hangoeun310/Instagram

But her physical beauty is not all that there is to Han’s credit. Apart from being a celebrated actress, she is also a progressive figure in the Korean entertainment industry. As early as 2011, she agreed to star in Bilitis Club, a KBS drama named after an American lesbian rights group. The show was KBS’s first lesbian-themed drama which showed honest portrayals of same-sex couples across multiple generations. The public outrage over this show was so intense that it had to be pulled off air later.

“Bilitis Club” poster | Hancinema

Han is also a talented cook, and the public got to witness her skills when she starred in Miss Korea in 2019. It was a cook-stay variety show where she travelled to different homes around the world and showcased her cooking skills.

“Miss Korea” poster | MyDramaList

Though she is already in her late 40s, Han seems to have no thoughts of slowing down. Besides her acting projects, she also frequently does promotional content and endorsements on her social media.

| @hangoeun310/Instagram
| @hangoeun310/Instagram

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