Suzy Shows Off Her Completely Bare Face And Reporters Fall In Love

Suzy makes headlines once again for her natural beautiful appearance and reporters can’t get enough of her.

The JYP Entertainment artist is seen wearing regular clothes, but what caught the reporters’ attention was her natural “honey-skin”. Even without the lack of make-up present, Suzy still shined with her feminine appearance and her exquisite, charming looks.

Suzy has her hair tied in a small bun, as she looked quite shocked by the reporters, but continued to smile and wave at fans and reporters alike. She wore a simple white dress, with a gray and white sweater, while carrying a light green purse. Despite the lack of makeup, she confidently greets everyone.

On a separate occasion, she gets caught again without makeup in a new outfit, in a tan shirt and black skirt as she pressed her hands to her face to hide her amusement. However, her natural beauty continued to shine and reporters are at their feet.

Check out her dazzling photos below!

Suzy confidently smiled and waved at reporters and fans.
Suzy’s natural beauty shined as she was shocked to see reporters.
Suzy stepped out into the sunlight as her natural beauty shined along with the sun.
Suzy is unaware of her natural beauty as reporters continued to take pictures of her.
Suzy laughed at a failed attempt at hiding her natural beauty.
Suzy is caught by surprise by reporters, but her natural beauty continued to shine.

Source: Pann