Hwayoung Reveals She Almost Starred In Two of Korea’s Biggest Dramas

Hwayoung‘s appearance on tvN‘s Taxi continued this week, where she talked about how she was very close to starring in two of South Korea’s most recent hit dramas.

The 25-year-old actress said that she was close to playing the roles of Sunny in Goblin and Yoon Myeong Ju in Descendants of the Sun. Those roles were instead filled by Yoo In Na and Kim Ji Won respectively.

“I auditoned for the role Kim Ji Won got in Descendants of the Sun, but I wasn’t accepted. I was also talking with Goblin writer Kim Eun Sook and the drama’s director about playing the part Yoo In Na had, but that didn’t end up working out because they thought I was too young for the role.”


How different would each drama have been if Hwayoung played either of these roles?

On last week’s broadcast, Hwayoung got emotional while speaking about her departure from T-ara. After her appearance, a former staff member, who worked with T-ara, has come out to say that the T-ara bullying scandal was all fabricated, and also exposed her twin sister Hyoyoung for making threats against former T-ara member Areum.

Source: MyDaily