Here Are The Tactics TREASURE Used To Become Hyunsuk And Junkyu Clones For A Day

They followed all of their habits!

TREASURE knows each other like the back of their hands! In Episode 32 of TREASURE MAP, the group was divided into two teams: Team Hyunsuk and Team Junkyu. The former is known for being more lively and adventurous while the latter is a homebody.

Each team needed to act like their leader for the entire day. Anyone who veered off course into unrealistic acting would get a yellow card as a warning and a red card that would turn them into trees—literally. Despite a few casualties, they all did great copying the two members!

Check out some tactics they applied below.

1. Team Hyunsuk

The members of Team Hyunsuk included Yoshi, Asahi, Junghwan, Jeongwoo, and Yedam. The first thing that made them stand out was their street fashion. Patterned pants, sunglasses, and black blazers with necklaces were all standard Hyunsuk clothing.

Even their walk was relaxed and full of swag, sauntering inside a room filled with confidence.

Whenever they talked, they mixed in English words and phrases at random. They even rapped with ease, imitating their rapper and co-leader effortlessly.

Even if they didn’t like it, they forced themselves to eat Hyunsuk’s favorite asparagus.

Beef leftovers are okay, but not asparagus!

— Hyunsuk

And when they were asked to copy his sentimental side, they shared very real confessions of gratitude to one another—but their tears were all for show!

2. Team Junkyu

Meanwhile, the members of Team Junkyu included Haruto, Doyoung, Jihoon, Mashiho, and Jaehyuk. They had a much more laidback lifestyle which was obvious from their sweatpants–sweatshirt attire. Instead of black clothing, they were much brighter with pink tops.

They entered the house with huge smiles, approaching the cameras right away and being lovable balls of energy just like the older member.

They did everything that Junkyu liked, from drinking herbal tea to exercising with EDM music, ordering his favorite chicken for lunch, and watching documentaries.

Best yet, they copied his number one favorite hobby: sleeping! Despite shooting TREASURE MAP with cameras all around them, they were able to sleep soundly before and after eating.

Check out the full episode below!