Taemin’s Mini-Album FAMOUS Receives Praise From Japanese Reviewer

“Taemin’s singing voice has evolved remarkably.”

SHINee‘s Taemin released his third mini-album FAMOUS in Japan on August 28, with the digital download available from August 4. The album has done well on the charts, peaking at 2 on Japan Weekly Digital Albums (Oricon) and 8 in Japan Hot Albums (Billboard Japan).

Letting the charts speak for themselves, it goes without saying that FAMOUS has been well-received. But this reviewer was so touched by the work, that she felt as though her heart was grabbed.

Taemin’s singing voice has evolved remarkably. That’s the awareness I encountered in his new work. The moment I realized that it felt as though Medusa’s eyes met mine and my heart was grabbed as I turned to stone.

—Real Sound Reviewer

The reviewer’s appreciation for Taemin’s music and his voice almost transcended words as she described the sensation of being able to feel his music.

I carefully listened to the new songs. When you close your eyes and breath slowly, focusing on Taemin’s singing voice, you can feel the music flowing through your body…

—Real Sound Reviewer

It’s not just the new album or Taemin’s voice that garnered praised from the reviewer, but Taemin himself received heaps of praise as well!

Beloved, innocent, and genius. That is ‘Famous’ Taemin.

—Real Sound Reviewer


Source: Real Sound