Taeyeon Sparks Fans’ Curiosity With Her Honest Review Of Green Onion Cereal

Green onion what???

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon just proved to everyone that she has a curious and adventurous nature by giving fans her very own review of new green onion cereal.

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The limited-edition green onion-flavored cereal is a part of an event that began in 2004 by Nongshim Kellogg Company.

The opinions of the cereal are so divided that it was even advertised with the phrase, “Even if this won’t sell, we’re going to keep our promise.

And Taeyeon just had to try it for herself.

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Along with a photo of the cereal box, Taeyeon shared the caption,

I couldn’t help my curiosity.

– Taeyeon

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

So she tried it for her fans and gave her honest review.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Following various close-up videos of the cereal, Taeyeon made the surprising revelation that she liked it!

This is totally my style.

– Taeyeon

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She was even gracious enough to give fans a comparison in terms of what it tastes like.

It kind of tastes like the snack, ‘Onion Rings.’

– Taeyeon



And now, everybody’s curious.

  • Sounds like the same Taeyeon who likes mint chocolate ice cream.
  • Hearing Taeyeon say that makes me even more curious.
  • If you’re being threatened by Kellogg to say this, hold up a carrot.
| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Maybe it’s worth a try?

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