Taeyeon Had The Most Hilarious Banners In The Gaon Chart Music Awards

SONES are hilarious!

Taeyeon attended yesterday’s Gaon Chart Music Awards, and SONES made sure to show their support in the funniest way possible.

Although it is typical for a fandom to bring banners to an awards show, SONES stepped up their game by printing creative slogans on their banners. Check them out below!

1. “Taeyeon is so pretty💜”

The first banner says “Taeyeon is so pretty💜” in an aegyo tone. We couldn’t agree more.

2. “Wow, as expected of Four Seasons, it turned March upside down”

The next banner says “Wow, as expected of Four Seasons, it turned March upside down”. Taeyeon’s song “Four Seasons” was released in March, so the banner is saying that the song was the focal point of the month.

3. “Hello, I’m Taeyeon’s banner”

Perhaps our favorite banner of all, this one simply says “Hello, I’m Taeyeon’s banner”. This just goes to show that sometimes short and sweet really is the way to go.

Taeyeon herself acknowledged the hilarious banners on her Instagram account, so maybe we’ll see more banners of this kind in the future!

Source: Taeyeon

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