Taeyeon In Her Frosty Blue Dress Is The One And Only K-Pop Elsa

Not only does she sound like Elsa, she even looks like Elsa.

K-Pop has seen numerous Elsa-s, in blonde braids and sky blue dresses. But since Taeyeon recorded the Korean version of the end credits theme song “Into The Unknown” for Disney’s Frozen 2, she has been considered the most Elsa of them all.


And at her latest “The Unseen” concert, Taeyeon proudly performed “Into The Unknown” on stage.


And everything, from her visual to her outfit and of course her unrivaled vocal, screamed she is indeed the one and only K-Pop Elsa!


In her Saint Laurent pleated mini dress, customized for more glam, Taeyeon was the Disney princess herself…


… and her strong vocals resonating through the air sent icy chills down the fans’ backs.

Being in a Taeyeon concert has to be a religious experience…

— YouTube @Cafe con leche


Listen to Taelsa’s “Into The Unknown” from the first night of her concert:

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