Taeyong Spills On The Unexpected “Difficulty” Of Being NCT’s Leader

There’s a side of himself he can’t show his fellow members.

NCT‘s leader Taeyong officially became the first member to release a solo mini-album with SHALALA on June 5.

NCT’s Taeyong | SM Entertainment

While promoting his solo debut, he visited Jo Hyun Ah‘s YouTube show, Thursday Night.

Jo Hyun Ah, a member of the Korean R&B group Urban Zakapa, praised Taeyong for his solo debut, sharing that although she had released solo songs, she hadn’t released an album because she “didn’t have the confidence to overcome the pressure.

Taeyong shared that the creative process behind making SHALALA actually went smoothly for him and his team.

Even promoting his solo mini-album, he still had his fellow members on his mind, and spilled on the unexpected reason why he sometimes “has a hard time” being the leader of NCT.

NCT | SM Entertainment

It all started when Jo Hyun Ah called Taeyong cute, to which he agreed he was, leaving the Urban Zakapa member hilariously stunned by his confidence.

Taeyong continued by sharing that his cuteness sometimes led to a hard time as the leader of NCT. As the leader, he felt he couldn’t show his fellow members his cute side.

The NCT member revealed that he’s naturally cute because he’s the youngest family member on his mom and dad’s side of the family.

Jo Hyun Ah emphathized with the way Taeyong felt, and reasoned that the other members of NCT may feel awkward calling their leader “cute,” to which he agreed.

He joked that instead of calling him a “cute” person, they call him “weird” becuase of his “all-or-nothing personality.”

Jo Hyun Ah assured him that having an “all-or-nothing” personality was a characteristic of a “true artist,” so he was exactly who he was meant to be.

Check out the fun moment in the video below!


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