Take Your Pick: Which Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Photo Is Prettier?

Which side do you prefer?

With a new beauty trend going around in Korea where people assess the length of your mid-face, an online community board asked netizens to choose which photo of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona looked prettier. The new trend is based on having a shorter mid-face, thus creating a more centralized feature. 

| Nate Pann

In the photo above, the left photo is the original while the right photo is edited to match the current beauty standards of having a shorter mid-face.

In regards to the photo, most K-netizens chose the original photo as the prettier side, stating that Yoona’s natural beauty and aura was not seen in the edited photo.

  • “Obviously the original. The edited version doesn’t show her natural beauty and gives off more of an influencer vibe.”
  • “Those that choose the edited side have no taste. Making a shorter mid-face is not pretty. Having a natural look gives off a more pure and luxurious style.”
  • “She looks more luxurious and elegant in the original photo.”
  • “The edited version looks like a SnapChat filter.”

Source: Nate Pann

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