Acquaintances, Friends, Teachers, and More Release Testimonies Defending Former Produce X 101 Contestant Yoon Seobin

Fans reached out and asked for the truth regarding Yoon Seobin.

Previously, former JYP Entertainment trainee and ex-Produce X 101 contestant Yoon Seobin was under fire for an alleged bully past, which involved school violence. After these allegations were released, JYP Entertainment kicked the male out of the company and withdrew from the show. The male had since apologized for his actions.

Now, the truth about Yoon Seobin’s past has been revealed by those who knew him in middle school. Sources say that it is true that he did dring underage but he has no record of school violence.

Originally, there were two articles written about him. One was on Naver, which was taken down after 24 hours. The article does not go into detail about the alleged school violence and is said to be one-sided.

Another article from DC Insider and written by the same author. Netizens found that out when they discovered that the user had the same IP address and has previously written articles about baseball and Produce X 101. Said article spoke about how a committee specializing in school violence was created due to the trouble caused by Yoon Seobin. It also claimed that he had to apologize to students’ parents.

A sports coach from the middle school Yoon Seobin studied in has released a testimony, however.

I wasn’t very close to Byunghwi. (t/n: Yoon Seobin’s past name) (…) He was not the type to hit or harm others. Seeing what was said about him, I am frustrated over how they described him and how they wrote as if it is the truth.

Following the testimony of his sports coach, acquaintances and alumnis of the school released their own testimonies.

His rugby coach spoke to a fan concerning the allegations against Yoon Seobin.

The rugby teacher’s response is in white.

1st bubble: I will only state the facts. Byunghwi did not exhbit any school violence.
2nd bubble: The stories saying he was a thug are ridiculous.
3rd bubble: He was even popular!
4th bubble: I hope that you can help our Byunghwi.
5th bubble: Our Byunghwi was not affiliated with the thugs in our school or anywhere in Gwangju.
6th bubble: Also, I think that having friends who like you and those who don’t is completely normal.
Final bubble: Byunghwi was not the type of person who would associate himself with bad people.

Fans were also able to have an interview via call with a teacher.

The highlighted text reads,

Byunghwi was not violent during his time in school. {…) The Byunghwi we knew was not someone who would hang around thugs. He would even dress up as a girl and dance for us during school festivals. He was always good at dancing and singing. He was always a mischevious kid.

An alumni took to social media to clear Yoon Seobin’s name.

The highlighted text reads,

He was never violent in school. (…) Victims? He had no victims. It’s the media and SNS that framed him that way.

Fans were also about to get a hold of an alumni through chat,

The alumni’s messages are in white.

1st bubble: This is absolutely ridiculous.
2nd bubble: What do they mean, “everyone in Gwanju knows about it?”
3rd bubble: The only rumors he had was amongst female students from other schools due to how handsome he is.
Final bubble: The rumors about him being violent is all false.

They were able to find a schoolmate of Yoon Seobin and asked about his time in school.

His schoolmate talks about he was popular among both his seniors and juniors in school, which resulted in him hanging out with different people. The school mate also recalls a time when Yoon Seobin had helped a classmate who was hurt during their physical education class and that he was absolutely not violent during his time in school.

Netizens have discovered a school book in which someone had described Seobin as “extremely violent” and asking him to stop harassing someone named Jungmin.

Fans tried to find who Jungmin is and discovered that Jungmin is the class president of Seobin’s class. They reached out to him and discovered that Jungmin had written the note himself as a joke.

I wrote it because I’m close with Byunghwi. It was a joke.

They have chosen to clear Yoon Seobin’s name and have. Many netizens feel sad for Seobin, who was forced out of JYP Entertainment and made to leave the show despite the rumors not being confirmed. Many hope that he will have another shot at being an idol in the future.

Source: Pann