The Beautiful Meanings Behind These 10 K-Pop Fandom Names

In K-Pop, you aren’t just ‘fans.’ As a K-Pop idol fan, you identify yourself through a specific fandom(s) that screams, “I’m a fan of this idol!”. And to further bridge the gap of idol and fan, fandom names have meaningful significance.

In this post, we will be looking at 10 K-Pop idol fandom names and explore the true meaning behind their names, including BEAST, EXO, TVXQ, SHINee, BTOB, B.A.P, iKON, Rainbow, Oh My Girl, INFINITE and SEVENTEEN.

Image: BEAST 3rd album 'Highlight' / Cube Entertainment
Image: BEAST 3rd album ‘Highlight’ / Cube Entertainment

BEAST (B2st)- Beauty (B2uty)
– Describes the loving relationship between BEAST and fans.
– B2st and B2uty does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same locality

Image: EXO image concept for “Lucky One” track / SM Entertainment

– Short for ‘EXO-LOVE’ that means ‘EXO and fans only love each other.’
– ‘L’ is located between the alphabet K and M thus fans are surrounded by EXO-K and EXO-M (EXO’s units for Korea and China).

Image: TVXQ for “Rise as God” release / SM Entertainment

TVXQ – Cassiopeia
 – Cassiopeia is a constellation in the night sky, ‘Wherever you look, TVXQ is with fans whenever.’

Image: SHINee “Married to the Music” / SM Entertainment

SHINee – SHINee World
– Shine Hello Idea Need Enjoy Ease Wait Oxygen Remember Laugh Destiny

Image: Cube Entertainment
Image: Cube Entertainment

BTOB – Melody
– BTOB stands for ‘Born to Beat’, a beat and melody is needed to create music so the name means ‘BTOB needs fans to make music.’

Image: TS Entertainment
Image: TS Entertainment

B.A.P – Baby
– B.A.B.Y stands for Baby Always Behind You as in ‘We will always be there behind to cheer you on.’
– Fans are B.A.P’s baby (used as a term of endearment)

Image: iKONCERT 2016 SHOWTIME TOUR IN JAPAN / YG Entertainment
Image: iKONCERT 2016 SHOWTIME TOUR IN JAPAN / YG Entertainment

– IKONIC symbolizes the idol and fan

Image: c
Image: Rainbow’s “Whoo” MV / YouTube video cover from 1theK

Rainbow – Rainnous
– Describes the joining between Rainbow and fans with a rainbow shining amidst the darkness.

Image: Oh My Girl “Windy Day” EP / WM Entertainment

Oh My Girl – Miracle
– Meeting fans was a miracle itself.

Image: Infinite's Facebook / Woollim Entertainment
Image: Infinite’s Facebook / Woollim Entertainment

INFINITE – Inspirit
– The word inspirit itself is defined as ‘encouraging or enlivening someone’ and as a fandom name means they are the In Spirit of INFINITE’s heart (they also have a song titled “Song of My Heart” that describes this relationship). Combining INFINITE with soul and spirit becomes ‘The soul of INFINITE.’

Image: SEVENTEEN for Love Letter album / Pledis Entertainment
Image: SEVENTEEN for Love Letter album / Pledis Entertainment

– SEVENTEEN’s diamonds are Carat (the fans) who helps them shine.

Source: Pann

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