The secret to Seolhyun’s viral success finally revealed

AOA’s Seolhyun may have just exposed the reason behind her sudden popularity. 

On the recent episode of jTBC’s Please Take Care of My Fridge, Seolhyun showed off her candid side during the talk segment. During the segment, Kim Sung Joo asked, “You’re the icon of trends. What is your secret to your popularity?” 

Seolhyun picked the famous cut-out panel of hers as the secret. When asked why, she revealed, “It seems like the unedited sign of myself was the best way for people to get to know me.” Raymond Kim, a panelist from the program, also personally talked about Seolhyun’s effect and added, “You can’t help but stop when you see it in front of you,” causing laughter on set.

You can't help but stop if this greets you in the shops.
You can’t help but stop if this greets you in the shops.

In 2015, Seolhyun gained a lot of interest after her cutout panel for telecommunications company SK Telecom went viral. Although the singer was initially accused of added padding on her butt, she proved that the poster was unedited by posing right beside it. The series of cutout panels also received a number of nuisance reports after it kept on being stolen by fans from their shops.

The viral poster led to additional love calls from other advertisers and made Seolhyun one of the hottest celebrities in the CF industry.

Source: Dispatch