Did “The Glory” Couple Manifest Each Other? Lee Do Hyun And Lim Ji Yeon’s Past “Ideal Type” Interviews Resurface

A match made in heaven! 🥰

On April Fools’ Day, Dispatch caught the whole internet off guard with the most unexpected news of The Glory actors Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon‘s IRL relationship!

Lim Ji Yeon (left) and Lee Do Hyun (right) on the set of “The Glory.” | Netflix

Following the surprise reveal, which was soon confirmed by the management agencies, the couple’s past interviews about their “ideal types” have resurfaced! So did Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon manifest each other?

| Dispatch

All signs point to YES.

Back in 2020, during an interview with Taiwan’s LU LU LAND, Lee Do Hyun mentioned “someone who’s carefree and chill” while explaining his ideal partner. He also drew a long-haired silhouette to go with his explanation.

Lee Do Hyun on “LU LU LAND” drawing a picture of his ideal partner. | Insight via LU LU LAND

I like someone who likes soondae stew. I want someone who eats well. It’s because I like soondae stew. I don’t think I care too much about what she looks like… I’m more into someone who’s carefree and chill. Someone who likes to wear sweats. I don’t mind if she doesn’t wear makeup. For me, I think people look more beautiful without makeup.

— Lee Do Hyun

See the striking resemblance?

| @limjjy2/Instagram

Meanwhile in 2021, on MBC’s Son Hyun Joo’s Little Station, Lim Ji Yeon also talked about her ideal partner. She explained that she wants someone “tall and well-built” as well as “kind-natured.”

Lim Ji Yeon (far left) on “Son Hyun Joo’s Little Station” talking about her ideal partner. | MBC

In a man, I look for… Someone tall and well built. Someone kind-natured. And I’d like it if we could share a drink or two together, too.

— Lim Ji Yeon

Sounds like someone we know, doesn’t it?


The Glory fans can’t get enough of this match made in heaven!

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