This Is The Reason Why IU Is Called The “Star Among Stars” In Korea

IU just finished her ‘2017 IU Tour Concert’ tour and her concerts were filled by celebrities who are big fans of her.

From G-Dragon to PSY, many guests added the excitement to the show, while many other celebrities were just there to enjoy her music.

It’s no secret that IU is so popular among other celebrities, giving her the nickname Star among stars.

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While her humility and professionalism give a lot of joy to her general fans, her hard work ethic and diligence are well known in the industry.

She will literally rehearse for hours and hours, even in her hectic schedule, to create the perfect experience for her audience.

All her hard work combined with her incredible songwriting talent, IU touched the hearts of millions, and celebrities are no exceptions.

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Perhaps Lee Joon Gi, who attended her concert on the last day described it the best.

“The one and only artist Jieun (IU), who doesn’t get tired even after over five hours and gives all her energy to the audience with her perfect performances. Every stage was filled with her own colorful stories. How beautiful is that! As you are pouring your heart and soul out, we could feel it all. I was feeling emotionally dry lately, but after watching the concert, I feel like I was showered with emotions and feelings. Thank you for inviting me ”

— Lee Joon Gi

It is already proven as IU can make the celebs emotional at her concert.

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Or sometimes she can make them cry by just saying hello.

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With IU’s continued presence, it is inevitable that she will continue to artistically inspire others.

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