Tiffany Young Revealed That One Of Her Tattoos Was Actually Inspired By A Fanchant

Tiffany Young loved this fanchant so much she got it tattooed.

Fanchants are pretty much a staple in K-Pop, and in a new interview with RuPaul’s Drag Race alum and “K-Pop Drag Princess” SojuGirls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young explains that fanchants are more than just organized cheering. According to Tiffany, they deepen the bond between idol and fan. In fact, one fanchant meant so much to her that she got it tattooed on her heel.

Tiffany’s tattoo reads “now, from now on, forever” in Korean and she got the tattoo back in 2017, Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary year. SONE have known about it since then, but SONE might not have known that it’s actually part of a fanchant.


The fanchant is for Girls’ Generation’s “Lionheart” & is a reminder that come what may, Girls’ Generation is forever.

Watch the entire interview between Soju and Tiffany below:

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