That Time Fans Suspected WayV’s Xiaojun Of Wearing His Pants Inside Out…And Ten Encouraged It

Ten always loves roasting Xiaojun’s fashion choices.

The members of WayV have had their fair share of fashion related squabbles, and Ten seems to be involved in most of them. In an episode of Winwin‘s WINformation, for example, the two of them hilariously bickered over who was the best dressed member, and Ten mercilessly roasted both Winwin and Xiaojun. But that wasn’t the only time Ten poked fun at Xiaojun over his fashion choices.

A couple of years ago, Ten and Xiaojun had a post-dance practice Instagram live together.

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram via WayV Subs & Trans/YouTube

It was mostly uneventful, with the two WayV members complaining about how they were bored and looking for fun topics to talk about.

Pretty soon, however, a fan posed a question that Ten found instantly entertaining. He asked Xiaojun to read it, and it said, “Are Xiaojun’s pants inside out? It’s killing me.”

Xiaojun asked him to explain what that meant, and Ten was all giggly as he explained it.

Xiaojun was jokingly outraged, declaring that no, this was just fashion! Ten teasingly repeated his words and tried to flip the camera to film him. But Xiaojun suspiciously refused to be filmed.

While neither of them really confirmed whether Xiaojun’s pants were inside out, Ten did joke about how this was fashion…inside out fashion, that is. And Xiaojun may have incriminated himself a bit further by shaking Ten’s phone.

There are rarely WayV videos without at least one hilarious incident! You can watch the full live on the link below.

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