The Only Time NewJeans’ Minji Couldn’t Slay A School Uniform Outfit

She was definitely getting that attention.

School uniforms are one of the most popular styling choices in K-Pop, especially among girl groups, as they bring out the youthful visuals of the idols effectively. NewJeans is no exception to this trend, having been styled in uniforms for multiple of their music videos and live performances.

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NewJeans members styled in school uniforms for the “Ditto” music video | @newjeans_official/Instagram

While uniforms as a fashion choice is almost always a guaranteed hit, for NewJeans member Minji, it wasn’t as much as a real student.

Minji | SBS

The story of her “fashion disaster” days before her debut was brought to light by the idol herself after she recently shared a story from her school days with fans. Recently, the singer took to Phoning the fan communication app, striking up the topic of school uniforms. Particularly, the singer recalled that the uniform she had to wear in her middle school used to be quite “unique.”

minji 1
| theqoo


When I entered middle school, our school uniform was a little unique…I’m not being a nostalgic oldie, LOL!!!

— Minji

However, she also assured fans that they didn’t have to be jealous because it was not “unique” in a good way.

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| theqoo

It was a baseball jacket. So I just wore it.

It wasn’t pretty, don’t be jealous.

— Minji

Some netizens managed to find the uniform and confirmed it by matching the colors of the uniform Minji wore in one of her pre-debut pictures in school.

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| theqoo
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| theqoo
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| theqoo

The combination of the bright red and yellow instantly left netizens bamboozled. While some were astounded that Minji’s uniform was even worse than their own, others were left in splits, comparing it to the ketchup-and-mustard combo.

Screenshot 2024-02-20 040734
| theqoo
  • “It’s really unique, LOL.”
  • “This is way beyond ‘a little’ unique, LOL.”
  • “It really looks like McDonald’s.”
  • “They went for the big picture so that students can’t hang out downtown in their uniforms.”
  • “But it looks like this would be torturous for the teachers, too. They’d have to keep looking at the red color.”
  • “Minji still made those work.”


Screenshot 2024-02-20 040542
| theqoo
  • “My uniform looked like an apron, but that is even worse.”
  • “McDonald’s, LOL.”
  • “They could have at least used a simpler color, LOL. It’s too RED! YELLOW! LOL.”
  • “No but even the skirt is red TTTT. It resembles ‘Two Broke Girls.’

Well, from this ketchup-and-mustard nightmare to being a Chanel ambassador — it’s safe to say Minji has come a long, fashionable way!

Source: theqoo


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