The Time TWICE’s Nayeon Accidentally Photobombed A Stranger’s Picture

Her expression though 😂

TWICE‘s Nayeon once photobombed someone’s selfie, and her shocked facial expression made it all the more iconic!

It all started when a netizen posted a selfie that she took in a clothing shop. While it may seem ordinary at first, you just have to take a closer look to see something completely unexpected…

| @inythinker/Twitter

…Yup, that’s Nayeon at the side!

| @inythinker/Twitter

In the picture, she can be seen sporting an oversized, gray sweater with its hoodie pulled all the way up. The best part of the picture, however, was definitely the surprised expression on her face.

That wasn’t the only time she was unintentionally a photobomber. YONA, a popular Thai YouTuber, was filming a video in a hair salon when Nayeon passed by.

Imagine that happening to you—it’s probably every fan’s dream!

On a separate occasion, a fan spotted Nayeon and Jeongyeon on a friend date together. He luckily didn’t miss the opportunity to take a photo with the girls in the background.

It’s safe to say that Nayeon is the queen of accidental photobombs!

If you want to see Nayeon’s appearance on YONA’s vlog, you can watch the full video below.

Source: Inythinker and YONA


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