A Timeline Of The Wholesome Relationship Between 2AM’s Jo Kwon And BTS’s J-Hope

Jo Kwon really saw J-Hope grow up.

Recently 2 AM’s Jo Kwon posted some pictures with BTS’s J-Hope, with a heartfelt caption praising his kind personality. The post opened up a wholesome discussion of their longstanding friendship.

Be it the old days or now, our Hobi is kind, sincere, and cool as always.

— Jo Kwon

The two go a long way back, even before the J-Hope debuted as an idol. They two met in 2010 when 2AM was connected to BigHit Music (then BigHit Entertainment) through a joint management contract with JYP Entertainment. In 2012, he featured in Jo Kwon’s song “Animal,” which earned him his first KOMCA credit.

In the same year, J-Hope was also one of the backup dancers for Jo Kwon’s “I’m Da One,” along with Jungkook. They also did cameos in the music video for the song.

When J-Hope finally debuted with BTS in 2013, Jo Kwon was among the first artists to acknowledge and support him. He posted a tweet on June 16, 2013, just three days after BTS’s debut praising J-Hope’s rapping, and he responded with equal sincerity.

Jo Kwon: Jo Kwon – Animal Feat. “J-Hope” and BTS. He raps really well…but I can’t rap ㅠ

J-Hope: Ah! Sunbaenim this is J-Hope @-@) Thank you so much for cheering me on ㅠ.ㅠ I won’t forget all the advices you gave me back then and I’ll work hard!! Thank you

J-Hope always made sure that he returned the kindness with his loyal support. In 2017, when Jo Kwon opened his cereal cafe, Midnight In Seoul, J-Hope visited the place with RM to support his venture.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

When J-Hope’s first mixtape came out in 2018, Jo Kwon again showed his support on Instagram. He posted a congratulatory message with the cover photo of the mixtape and some unseen pictures of J-Hope hanging out at his cereal cafe with him.

The caption read, “Animal feat J-Hope. I’m so proud of Hoseok, who I haven’t met in a long time! Do well with your mixtape! It’s already successful!

In 2021, Jo Kwon appeared on an SBS radio show called Heo Ji Woong Show, where he thanked J-Hope for featuring on his song in 2012. As the song was getting attention years after its release, Jo Kwon left a sweet message for J-Hope, saying, “If we have a chance, later on, I hope we can perform a new version together.”


The same year, J-Hope shared 2 AM’s song “I Can’t” from their comeback album on Weverse, which Jo Kwon reposted on Twitter, along with a thank you note.

On Jo Kwon’s ASMR channel, he talked about how J-Hope reached out to him after watching his YouTube content, referring to him as his “dongsaeng” and “my beloved J-Hope.”

When some fans put up a billboard ad for J-Hope’s solo performance at Lollapalooza this year, Jo Kwon spotted it on his way and posted it on his Instagram, tagging J-Hope to make him notice the support ARMYs sent his way.

BTS members have been very open about not having that many close industry friends for a variety of reasons. But the fact that J-Hope and Jo Kwon were able to grow their relationship steadily and gradually to this point only makes their dynamic all the more special.


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