“Tokyo Ghoul” Creator Sui Ishida Is A Big Fan Of K-Pop And K-Dramas, Here’s The Gorgeous Proof

He’s posted some gorgeous artwork of idols and Korean actors!

Sui Ishida, the creator of the popular manga series Tokyo Ghoul, surprised both Tokyo Ghoul fans and K-Pop fans when he shared some fanart of WayV‘s YangYang earlier this week — but he’s actually shown his love for Korean media earlier!

Ishida posted this artwork of YangYang as a thank you after YangYang totally aced his Kaneki Ken cosplay for SM Entertainment‘s annual Halloween party.

| @ishida_____sui/Instagram
YangYang from WayV.

Earlier this year, Ishida drew another SM Entertainment singer: Winter from aespa!

| @ishida_____sui/Instagram

It looks just like her stage outfit from the group’s May 30, 2021, performance of “Next Level” on Inkigayo. Ishida shared this artwork just a week after that show.

Winter from aespa. | Inkigayo/SBS

Way back in February, Ishida shared artwork of another 4th gen K-Pop icon: ITZY‘s Yeji! This one was split into two posts because of how much detail he added to her long hair.

| @ishida_____sui/Instagram
| @ishida_____sui/Instagram

He definitely aced her unique eyes and strong gaze — and included her signature hairstyle!

Yeji from ITZY. | News1

His fan art goes beyond idols though; Ishida posted this drawing of Kim Da Mi as Jo Yi Seo in Itaewon Class in September 2021…

| @ishida_____sui/Instagram

… as well as artwork of Kwon Nara as Oh Soo Ah.

| @ishida_____sui/Instagram

The show originally aired in the beginning of 2020, and Ishida definitely captured each actors’ aura!

Kwon Nara (left) and Kim Da Mi (right) in Itaewon Class. | JTBC

Sui Ishida and K-Pop and K-Dramas could definitely be an unexpected combination, but he must be a pretty big fan to deliver these stunning pieces inspired by idols and actors. We can’t wait to see what celebrity is lucky enough to be drawn by him next!

Source: Instagram