TOP Once Warned Seungri About The Type Of Business Partners And Friends He Kept

Seungri didn’t listen.

On an episode of the talk show Radio Star in 2017, TOP and the rest of BIGBANG tried to warn Seungri about the company he was keeping.

TOP gave us a glimpse of what Seungri was like in 2017 which seems much more sinister now that the scandal has broke out.

When the five of us meet and drink. Seungri says “This is how you make money”, he only talks about money. Since Seungri runs a lot of businesses, I get very worried as an older member.


The most striking quote came next which is especially relevant considering Seungri’s current circumstances.

While he has many good friends, some of the friends I get a glimpse of during our concerts worry me. I get the feeling some of them are by his side not because they like him but because of his title. The fact that Seungri plans to work with him worries me.


He then says he tried to give Seungri some advice to keep him on the straight and narrow but obviously Seungri didn’t listen.

I listened to him and said: “Seungri, we weren’t like this in the past”. Until when do we need to talk about money? We met because of a passion for music, let’s talk about the future. It seems like you only talk about money these days.


Many more clips of BIGBANG members warning Seungri about his habits have now been resurfacing following the outbreak of Seungri’s scandal.