“That Dude Who’s Gay” — Rookie Idol Goes Viral For Being Unfiltered During A Fan Call

He’s known for his hilarious personality.

Earlier this year, the survival show Boys Planet caught the attention of K-Pop fans worldwide. Each week, dozens of trainees would put their best foot forward, aiming for a chance at debut.

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While the show saw all but nine eliminated to form ZEROBASEONE, many standouts left viewers heartbroken with their elimination. This includes the former WAKEONE trainee Maeda Haruto (now known as Hart).

TOZ’s Hart while on Boys Planet | Mnet

Haruto’s humorous and too-real personality left fans in stitches from the show’s beginning. Many were hopeful this would be his chance to debut since he was eliminated from another survival show previously.

Unfortunately, Haruto was eliminated in the eleventh episode, but he continued working hard for his debut, departing from WAKEONE a few months after the show’s completion.

This means fans were even more excited to learn that he would be debuting under the stage name Hart in TOZ, a four-membered group of former Boys Planet contestants, including Anthonny, Yuto, and Takuto.

TOZ | YY Entertainment

TOZ officially debuted on September 27, 2023, with the mini album FLARE and have since been promoting it.

As part of these promotions, like other K-Pop groups, the group have held fan calls, one of which went viral due to Hart forgetting a character’s name.

While chatting with a fan, Hart was asked about the TV program Glee. Glee was a musical comedy-drama set in a high school in America and featured talented singers covering popular music.

Glee cast | FOX

The fan asked Hart to name his favorite character and had difficulty recalling his name since it had been a while since he’d seen it.

Hart says he “likes that dude who’s gay,” saying that he likes his attitude, and then remembers that character’s name is Kurt Hummel.

Kurt Kummel, played by Chris Colfer, was a fan favorite known for his strong personality in the face of bullying after coming out, which was a huge part of his storylines.

Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel | FOX

Fans found Hart’s choice relatable and hilarious for describing the character more unexpectedly than most idols would.