Here’s How Much Money It Takes To Train A Single Trainee For A Year At BigHit Entertainment

Here’s how much it costs.

BTS famously started from the bottom before they rose like a Phoenix to the top. As much as the fans and the boys themselves are credited for the success, Bang Si Hyuk also famously invested hugely into the boys’ future. In an interview, the CEO shared just how much it takes to fully train a trainee at BigHit Entertainment just for a year.

It costs about a hundred and 20 million KRW ($110,000 USD) to train a trainee for a year. This value, although provided by Bang Si Hyuk himself, is not specific to BigHit Entertainment. The CEO claims it to be the average cost for any company to invest in a trainee, given all the proper lessons and training. This value can rise if the company decides to send the trainee for an expensive experience such as overseas training.

| Variety

Not only this, but the trainees may be provided with dorms, depending on the company. Some trainees may continue to live with their families until their debut team is confirmed. Once their debut teams have been formed, the team will begin living together in dorms for a year and a half. During this time, the company will pay for lodging and food.

Thankfully, companies such as the Big 3 and BigHit Entertainment do not request for trainees to pay this back after their debut. This means their artists get to earn money from the moment they start promoting. Other companies may ask their trainees to pay this back after they debut, and they only start receiving income once the debt is paid.

It’s certainly not cheap to put together a group!

Source: theqoo
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