TREASURE Gave A Tour Of YG Entertainment’s New Building, Here Are 6 Of Its Most Luxurious Places

#5 is unique!

YG Entertainment officially moved from its old headquarters to its new one in September 2020. The eight year project has always been the talk of the town thanks to its luxurious exterior.

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After its completion, TREASURE gave fans a tour of the building’s interior! They had their very own Running Man-like game in the first episode of TREASURE Map Season 2 or the 30th episode overall.

It allowed fans to see the entire 14 floors in a fun manner. Check out some of its best rooms below!

1. The Cafeteria

First up, the most popular part of YG Entertainment’s headquarters has always been its cafeteria. It boasts of high-end furniture and a variety of healthy meal options, making it one of the classiest food courts around.

Hidden in the side of the cafeteria is an even more luxurious meeting room. It comfortably seats eight people in the dining table and it even comes with a coffee and tea maker that they can freely use.

As a little “TMI”, the members revealed that a bowl of Pho only costs around $3 USD for employees!

2. The “MMM” Hallway

Next up, TREASURE pointed out that the hallway in the middle of the first floor was where they filmed their “MMM” music video.

Its clean, pure white features make it the perfect futuristic set.

3. The Dance Room Of BLACKPINK

TREASURE Map even gave a hint of the room where BLACKPINK shot their “Lovesick Girls” dance practice video.

It has a mix of painted walls and music equipment that help it stand out from normal idol practice rooms.

4. The Practice Room of TREASURE

Next up, TREASURE Makers can easily recognize the practice room that the boys use. They described it as being large—even for their 12 member group!

It comfortably fits all of them and several crew members.

5. The Convenience Store

How many buildings can claim that they have their very own unmanned convenience store? In YG Entertainment, employees and artists just have to scan the items themselves, pay, and be on their way.

6. Everything Else

Every small part of YG Entertainment’s building deserves applause. The lounge areas…

…other practice rooms…


…and huge monitor all scream “high class”.

No matter where you go in the building, you’ll be faced with luxury!

YG Entertainment’s new building, located in Hapjeong, Seoul, right next to their old office building, contains a total of 14 floors: five underground and nine above ground. To see more of its interior, check out the full video below!


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