TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Accuses His Members Of Farting In His Work Station And They Had Many Things To Say

Jihoon disagreed!

Fans know all too well that TREASURE doesn’t have a filter! They talk about topics that most K-Pop idols would consider too graphic for their fans, the top one being about none other than farting.

They recently revealed in a live broadcast that the members often break wind even when performing on stage. It apparently happens in around three out of ten of their stages.

Hyunsuk went a step further and threw his members under the bus. He revealed to fans that some people in TREASURE have no problem with using his chair then leaving it smelling…funny.

When my members come to my room or my work station, they tend to leave gas.

— Hyunsuk

Everyone immediately had something to say! Jihoon jokingly retorted that K-Pop idols aren’t the type of people who would do such a thing while Yoshi was more honest and disagreed. The latter was actually the one who went into detail about how one unknown member farted right before his turn in the “MMM” performance on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

Jihoon: Idols don’t do that!

Yoshi: We do.

Jihoon continued to proclaim, “No, we don’t leave gas behind!”

Fellow TREASURE member Haruto previously talked about this topic with Jeongwoo. The former was firm that “idols don’t fart”—a statement refuted by his fellow members.

Jeongwoo: Don’t you fart?

Haruto: No, I’m a member of a boy band.

Well, fans were just happy to see them being so candid!

Source: Naver Live