TREASURE’s Junghwan Said He “Screwed Up” His Exams—Here’s How His Fellow Members Reacted

Aww, Junghwan 😢

TREASURE‘s Junghwan recently made headlines for his eye-catching behavior at the airport. While on his way to Jeju island, he was spotted holding a stack of textbooks in preparation for his exam.


Fans wished him luck and praised his commitment to do his best despite his tiring schedule as an idol.

A few days later, Junghwan gave TREASURE Makers an updateand it wasn’t the best one. He posted a photo of himself crying on Weverse along with the words, “I screwed up that exam.” He punctuated the response with a laughing-crying emoji, showing that he didn’t take the result too badly but it was still an upsetting turn of events.

| @Teume1311/Twitter

Rather than directly consoling him, fellow member Jihoon initially replied with an amused tone.

Jihoon (Left) and Junghwan (Right) | @treasuremembers/Twitter

Jihoon: Looooool. Why does it look like you failed on purpose?
Junghwan: HAHA. I’ve managed to answer a few questions though.

Jihoon may have joked a little but he ended with a positive note that fits his image as a co-leader of the group.

Hope you have better luck tomorrow. Good work today!

— Jihoon

Yedam continued to console him with his own reply to Junghwan’s photo. He offered to tutor the maknae—a kind act considering he’s one of the top students in his school!

Junghwan (Left) and Yedam (Right)

Junghwan…we should study for the rest of the subjects together…

— Yedam

In a positive turn of events, a day later, Junghwan reassured fans that he was satisfied with his score as he “feels good” about it.

| @weversetrsr/Twitter

We can see from this event that one thing’s for sure: TREASURE loves their maknae and they’re always willing to help him out!

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