A Netizen Reveals How TREASURE’s Junkyu Is In Real Life

He changes drastically on and off stage.

Recently, a netizen posted their experience of having a mutual connection to TREASURE‘s Junkyu prior to his debut.

| @treasuremembers/Twitter

The netizen revealed that their older brother previously trained alongside Junkyu and his serious work ethic convinced him he was destined for success.

| @treasuremembers/Twitter

The truth is, my big brother was fellow trainees with Junkyu, and my big brother said Junkyu tried so hard that he figured only kids like that would debut.

— Netizen

He also commented on Junkyu’s insane duality that fans know and love him for.

He also thought it was so cool that he would smile like a sweet kid and then transform completely during practice!!

— Netizen

Junkyu’s positive energy and sweet demeanor are evident off-stage…

…but the moment the time comes to focus, he switches completely and works hard!

Despite the two parting ways, Junkyu’s presence still left a lasting impression on him.

After that, my brother prepared to become a model, and once Junkyu entered the agency, they naturally drifted apart. But my brother praises Junkyu like crazy every time TREASURE is brought up, so I decided to post this!

— Netizen

In the end, their impression of Junkyu’s work ethic was right — His hard work lead him to great success as a valued and talented member of TREASURE!