BTOB and Highlight Reunite at Recent Music Bank

Highlight reunited with former labelmates BTOB at several music shows as their promotions overlap.

After leaving Cube EntertainmentBEAST reinvented themselves as they prepared to re-debut under a new label and name. The resulting group, Highlight, has recently begun promotions for their debut single “Plz Don’t Be Sad” and bumped into some old labelmates.

During a broadcast for KBS‘ Music Bank, Highlight met with their former junior artists, BTOB, who is promoting for their song titled “Movie.”

The two groups met backstage to snap a friendly photo together, as they had spent much time together being under the same label. The members of the two groups hugged each other and showed their happiness in each other’s ventures.

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The image was posted on Yoo Doojoon‘s Instagram, in which he thanked fans for coming to cheer the group on and mentions being with his always refreshing BTOB siblings.

“Thank you to all the fans who came to our pre-recording of music bank~~~~ And with our handsome refreshing and kind dongsaengs BTOB!”
– Highlight’s Doojoon

The five former members of BEAST founded their own companyAround Us Entertainment, and are currently promoting as a group right now.