TWICE’s Dahyun Proudly Admits To Wearing Insoles In The Past And Answers If She Still Wears Them

It may be a sensitive topic for some people—but not for Dahyun!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is known for being one of the group’s shortest members, so that may be why she used to wear insoles often.


Even though it wasn’t strictly a secret, imagine her shock when she read in her online profile, “She wears insoles a lot!

In a recent video with 1theK, TWICE reacted to their online profile, and Dahyun chose to reveal the truth about her insoles rather than hide anything. She proudly admitted that she used them often when she debuted in 2015. However, she clarified that she has since stopped wearing them and that it is now all “in the past.”

When I just made my debut, yes, I admit it. Please correct it. That’s in the past.

— Dahyun

But after considering her words for a short moment, she corrected herself! “I put them only once in a while, but not too often,” she revealed with a laugh.

With or without insoles, Dahyun is beautiful and always a sight to behold!

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Source: YouTube