TWICE’s Dahyun Spots A Camera From The Sky Proving She’s Still The Camera Spotting Queen

No camera can hide from Dahyun!

TWICE‘s Dahyun has won the hearts of fans with her many talents and kind personality since her debut. There is one unique talent that continues to impress fans and netizens alike.

| @dahhyunnee/Instagram

Dahyun’s special talent is being able to spot any camera, no matter the location. The idol has a sixth sense for camera locations, and she’s proven it on multiple occasions

TWICE’s Dahyun Can Find Any Camera Anywhere And It’s Impressive

Dahyun again showed this special ability in her behind-the-scenes video showing the making of her birthday cover project she made for fans.

For her cover song, she chose “Monsters” by Katie Sky. Dahyun said she fell in love with the melody and the lyrics and felt it was a perfect song to gift to ONCE. She also mentioned that with the warmer weather, she wanted to pick a song with a positive vibe.

In the studio, Dahyun was seen working hard on her pronunciation, wanting everything to be perfect for her fans.

To capture the feeling of summer fun, Dahyun filmed the music video at a local amusement park and the beach. She revealed that the concept of the video was “on a date with Dahyun.”
To make the “date” seem more realistic, she adorably checked off typical date activities. From sharing food…

To sharing music…

To running together on the beach.

She even took fans along for a ride on the Ferris wheel.

While making her way back down from the top of the Ferris wheel, the team was shocked when an eagle-eyed Dahyun expertly located the camera on the ground like a true professional.

After years of being able to spot cameras, Dahyun continues to prove she’s still got it, even when she’s in the sky!

You can check out the final version below to see how the video came together!

Source: YouTube