TWICE Dahyun’s Mother Once Wasn’t Able To Recognize Her… And Dahyun Decided To Get A Little Playful

It wasn’t just ONCEs who were confused!

In early 2021, a photo got uploaded to TWICE‘s Instagram that had ONCEs (TWICE’s fandom) confused. In the photo, a member was shown wearing a scarf and warm jacket, but ONCEs could not tell who the member was.

During a live broadcast, Dahyun revealed that the “mystery member” is actually her! Also, it wasn’t just ONCEs who were confused by the picture, as Dahyun’s parents were as well! Dahyun revealed that her mother called her and asked if it was her in the photo or if it was Sana.

Dahyun decided to be a little playful and jokingly told her mother that it was Sana.

Dahyun’s mother then said, “Right? I thought the hand didn’t look like yours.”

Dahyun felt a little guilty for joking with her mother and soon told her the truth about the photo.

It wasn’t just Dahyun’s mother who wasn’t able to recognize Dahyun, as Dahyun’s father initially thought that it was Mina in the photo.

Dahyun’s mother also originally thought that it was Mina, but changed her mind after looking at the photo longer.

It looks like Dahyun created a “mystery” without her even intending to!

TWICE’s Dahyun
Source: Naver Live


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