Netizens Dig Deep To Find Out That TWICE’s Dating Ban Is Over

Netizens were quick to do the math

TWICE recently came back with “I Can’t Stop Me” and it has been making headlines due to its popularity. However, that is not the only thing making headlines as member Chaeyoung also made headlines recently with her dating rumors. With that said, netizens dug up evidence that suggest the dating ban for the girl group may be over.

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Netizens went all the way back to 2016, when TWICE’s Sana and Jeongyeon made an appearance on variety program Radio Star where they talked about the famous JYP Entertainment dating ban.

At JYP, they told us that there would be a 3 year dating ban.

— Sana

As revealed by Park Jin Young, the founder of JYP Entertainment, the reasoning behind this company wide ban is so that the idol members can focus on promoting with their group for 3 years rather than focusing their energy on dating.

Sana and Jeongyeon went on to talk about how much time is left on their ban.

Until now (2016), we promoted for 1 year so we only have 2 years left on the ban.

— Sana and Jeongyeon

Sana continued to talk about the dating ban and cracked up the studio by revealing she figured out a loophole.

Park Jin Young said that we couldn’t date for the 3 years but he never said anything about having flings.

— Sana

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Netizens were quick to figure out the math on TWICE’s dating ban. The girl group debuted in October of 2015 which allowed them to date starting October of 2018. TWICE is no stranger to public dating as it was earlier this year that TWICE’s Momo and Super Junior‘s Heechul were confirmed to be dating while leader Jihyo and Kang Daniel are still confirmed to be in a relationship. It was also just a few days ago that Chaeyoung was rumored to be dating a tattooist.

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Fans always seem to be torn on whether or not a dating ban should exist for their favorite idol groups. What do you all think?


Source: Insight and Tistory