TWICE Felt Embarrassed Wearing Bunny Hats To The Airport, But Not For The Reason You May Expect

Momo dished on the real story behind it.

TWICE‘s Momo recently sat down for an interview with COSMOPOLITAN Korea where she opened up about her go-to diet when she wants to lose weight, why she uses a fake name, and many more.

TWICE’s Momo

Aside from that, she also talked about the group’s recent unique entrance at the airport. All nine members showed up in style…wearing rabbit hats!

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It was a fun way to celebrate the Year Of The Rabbit.

| @_zyozyo/Instagram

According to the “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” singer, the members decided to do it after agreeing they wanted to do fan service upon arriving at the airport. It was actually leader Jihyo who thought about it, and they all liked the idea.

Before we got back to Korea, I discussed with other members as to what we should do for our fans when we arrive at the airport. JIHYO was the first person who came up with an idea. Because the year 2023 is the year of rabbit, we decided to wear bunny hats. So we wore the hats.

— TWICE’s Momo

They didn’t appear to be embarrassed at all when they showed up, waving to fans and reporters alike. Even though they were wearing masks and sunglasses, it was clear that they had huge grins on their faces the entire time!

Momo confirmed that they weren’t shy when walking in front of the crowd. However, they did feel embarrassed once they were waiting for their luggages. Because they were so eye-catching, there were many people who stared at them. These people may not have known they were celebrities and were wondering why they were wearing the hats!

When we appeared in front of the crowd wearing bunny hats, it wasn’t embarrassing as much. But while we were waiting for our luggage wearing the bunny hats, everyone was staring at us, and that was embarrassing.

— TWICE’s Momo

It may have been uncomfortable to be stared at, but it just goes to show that TWICE are willing to go above and beyond for their fans.

In the same interview, Momo opened up about her strict diet when not exercising. Learn what she thinks about it in the article below.

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