TWICE Included Mina In Their Christmas Photos In The Most Thoughtful Way

Mina would’ve approved.

Mina has been splitting her time between recovering her health and occasionally attending TWICE‘s schedules. Since she couldn’t spend the holidays with them and snap Christmas photos as a full group, the rest of the members had to get a bit creative to include her.


What they did would’ve made Mina burst into laughter and appreciate their creativity at the same time.

In two of the photos, TWICE included a wreath in the corner with “Merry Christmas” written across it. Even though it looked like a typical festive wreath at first glance, they put a special twist on it for Mina.

It was decorated with mini penguins that made a clearer appearance in two more of their photos. If you’re a ONCE, you know exactly why they included the cute creature.

They added Minguin, or Penguin Mina, to their photos to make the group whole again. The small but thoughtful addition is making ONCEs’ hearts warm.

Fans have even Photoshopped Penguin Mina into one of the photos to really make them whole.

Even though Mina couldn’t be with them physically, she was there in spirit. ONCEs will be waiting until they can truly see them all together again.


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