ITZY Speaks On Their Relationship With TWICE

ITZY spoke about the things TWICE does for them!

TWICE have a heartwarming relationship with all their labelmates, especially ITZY. In ITZY’s recent guest appearance in Tiki-TaCAR, they spoke briefly about their relationship with their senior labelmates, TWICE.


Chaeryeong shared that they often eat with TWICE late at night and that TWICE are their “midnight snack companions.”

| TwiceOnceTime 2/YouTube

TWICE also constantly message ITZY, giving them advice and encouragement!

| TwiceOnceTime 2/YouTube

Not only that, but Yeji shared that Jihyo gave her a birthday present! Lia added that Jihyo always contacts the ITZY members on their birthdays and similar occasions.

| TwiceOnceTime 2/YouTube     

Here’s the full video below!