TWICE Jeongyeon And Chaeyoung Faked A Deep Sleep All Because Of Nayeon

They pretended to be fast asleep:

TWICE‘s Nayeon was 100% feeling her visual game was on point during a recent live broadcast but when she began complimenting herself, well, she didn’t get quite the reaction she was hoping for from Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung.


With Nayeon in charge of the camera during a recent live she got to experience what ONCE were seeing and the more she saw her inner goddess shine through, the more she was feeling her visual game!


Feeling 100% confident and loving it, Nayeon suddenly announced that she thought her hair was looking cute! And of course, it wasn’t just her hair that was looking extra cute!

My hair looks cute!

— Nayeon


But when Nayeon checked to see if Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung were in agreement with her statement, well, she got a surprise. Although they had been wide awake moments before and interacting with her, as she turned to them, she found them pretending to be fast asleep!


While ONCE are 100% in agreement with Nayeon about her cuteness, nobody could resist cracking up of Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung’s reaction to her sudden declaration!


This lighthearted moment, however, wasn’t the only topic that had ONCE talking. During the same live, TWICE also addressed their stalking controversy. Find out more about their serious discussion during the live here:

TWICE Addresses Stalking Controversy During Live Broadcast, Nayeon’s Stalker Responds