TWICE Addresses Stalking Controversy During Live Broadcast, Nayeon’s Stalker Responds

Insists he’s not a fan, so Nayeon should give him a chance.

TWICE did a surprise live broadcast tonight.

During their broadcast, they discussed the topic of sasaeng fans. Ever the kind, soft-hearted women they are, they addressed the stalking controversy by saying they didn’t like that kind of behavior from fans but they were still thankful to be liked.

Unfortunately, Nayeon‘s stalker caught wind of the live broadcast and what was said and took to Twitter to air out his grievances. Among other things, he insists that he is not a fan of the group and that the only reason Nayeon isn’t interested in him is that he heard “fake news” from JYP Entertainment.

Source: @YoshTG/Twitter

Prior to today’s outburst, he also stated in an upload to his YouTube channel that TWICE fans are against him and have ruined his image in front of Nayeon. He has been begging fans and the police to provide him with any contact information they have for the singer.


TWICE has been under police protection, with increased patrols around their dorm and their agency. If the sasaeng fan comes into contact with you on social media or in-person during his search for Nayeon, you are encouraged to send all the information possible to so that they may investigate and pass the information on to the authorities.