TWICE’s Jeongyeon Finds One Choreography Especially Difficult… But That Doesn’t Stop Her From Performing It Flawlessly

It may be the hardest choreography, but she pulls it off with ease!

TWICE has begun releasing TW-LOGS on their official YouTube channel to give fans a look at the behind-the-scenes of their record-breaking III US tour.

Tzuyu was the first TWICE member to release her TW-LOG, and her vlog showcased just how beautiful all the TWICE members are, even without makeup.

TWICE Shows Off Their Gorgeous, Bare-Faced Visuals In New Tour Vlog

Jeongyeon was the second member to upload her vlog, showing off everything from the members’ interactions in the hotel…

TWICE’s Nayeon | TWICE/YouTube 

… To how nervous Jeongyeon was for the tour.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | TWICE/YouTube 

But throughout the vlog, Jeongyeon kept demonstrating her incredible work ethic and desire to put on the best possible shows for fans.

One of the ways Jeongyeon continues to prove her passion throughout the vlog is by constantly practicing the choreography of different songs, even when by herself in her hotel room.

| TWICE/YouTube 

Including “Icon”

| TWICE/YouTube 


| TWICE/YouTube 


| TWICE/YouTube 

Which Jeongyeon admitted to the camera is the hardest choreography.

| TWICE/YouTube 

But even though Jeongyeon says that the choreography is “so hard…”

| TWICE/YouTube 

She brought her all to her performances of the loved song.

And captivated fans with her energy and charisma.

Stunning them with her incredible performance.

You can read more about Jeongyeon’s TW-LOGs here.

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