TWICE’s Jeongyeon And Jihyo Have Very Different Memories Of The Time Her Parents Came To Visit

TFW your friends talk your parents about you.

The TWICE members have shared many hilarious stories about their families throughout the years, and Jihyo once brought up a story regarding her parents and Jeongyeon.

TWICE’s Jihyo (Left) & Jeongyeon (Right)

During TWICE’s 5th anniversary live broadcast, the members gave each other compliments, and Jihyo decided to bring up a story about Jeongyeon. Jihyo shared that her parents recently came to their dorm.

When talking about this story, Jihyo couldn’t help but smile a little. While Jihyo’s parents were in their dorm, Jeongyeon was in the kitchen and offered to cut them up some apples.

Jihyo then began laughing and shared that she was in a room with her father while her mother was in the kitchen with Jeongyeon.

Jihyo heard a little bit of what was being said in the kitchen, and it turns out that her mother and Jeongyeon were “gossiping” about her! Once Jihyo said this, the members burst with laughter. Jihyo was then asked what they were talking about, and she playfully said that she didn’t end up listening to what they were talking about, as she didn’t want to get “hurt.”

Jihyo then smiled and ended the story.

Just another story to Jeongyeon and Jihyo’s adorable friendship!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon (Left) & Jihyo (Right)
Source: Naver Live