TWICE’s Jeongyeon Used Horrifying Photos to Wish Jihyo a Happy Birthday

Jihyo was scared out of her mind on her birthday.

Jeongyeon recently took to TWICE‘s official Instagram account to wish Jihyo a happy birthday, but she did it in a horrifying way that caught fans off guard.

On the day of Jihyo’s birthday, a series of mysterious photos were uploaded along with the caption, “Happy birthday, my friend.

The caption was sweet and simple enough, but the photos were not.

A photo of a dark figure at the end of the hallway was shared in the post…

Along with another one…

And another one.

In every photo, the female figure can be seen getting closer to the camera just like a horror film.

But the scary figure turned out to be…

Jihyo herself.

She can be seen wearing a gorgeous black dress and staring into the camera with her eyes wide open to which fans responded with comments such as “That’s so scary but cute at the same time.

But there was a twist to this whole scenario.

Jihyo might have been the one to scare fans with the photos, but Jeongyeon scared Jihyo as soon as she got out of the washroom, leading to a hilarious reaction.

Jihyo screamed at the top of her lungs and then cried.

Check out Jeongyeon’s adorably horrifying birthday wish to Jihyo below:

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