TWICE Jeongyeon’s Tearful Video Revealed The Truth About Idol Schedules

“Our members are working very very hard right now.”

On a past episode of TWICE TV, TWICE’s Jeongyeon confessed the difficult times she and TWICE were going through and broke the hearts of fans.

Jeongyeon had gone shopping to buy her members matching necklaces as a 3-year anniversary gift to express her gratitude for always being there for each other. As she explained the reason why she decided to buy these presents, she became teary-eyed and eventually burst into tears.

Our members were always there for each other to cheer each other up and they were always a big help. So I wanted to…

ㅡ Jeongyeon

She explained TWICE’s busy schedule and confessed that everyone was going through an extremely difficult time.

Actually, we’re on our Japan tour right now but also, we’ve come back to Korea to film our Korean comeback music video and the cover shoot. Due to other many things we have to do, our members are going through a very very difficult time right now.

ㅡ Jeongyeon

Then she expressed how sorry she was for not being able to help the members as much as she wanted to, all the while not being able to hold back her tears.

I wanted to help them in some way but I wasn’t that very helpful to them and I feel very bad about it.

ㅡ Jeongyeon

She also apologized to fans for not being able to keep a smile on their faces.

We should always try to smile in front of our fans but it seems like we haven’t been able to hide the fact that we’re worn out. So I feel bad about that too.

ㅡ Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon asked fans to continue to support TWICE and look forward to their comeback as they are working very hard.

Our members are working very very hard right now. So please look forward to our comeback and continue to love us.

ㅡ Jeongyeon

She added that she had suggested making a choreography video for fans and once again broke into tears after confessing that she felt very bad because her members were having a difficult time because of it.

I suggested shooting a full version of our choreography during the music video shoot and I feel bad because I feel like they’re having a hard time. I feel really bad. I just wanted to share a new side of TWICE with our fans, but it seemed like I ended up placing another burden on the members.

ㅡ Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon concluded by wishing her members and fans to stay healthy and not get hurt.

I hope we all stay healthy and don’t get hurt during the remaining of 2018. I also wish our ONCEs stay healthy too. TWICE will be forever so ONCE will be too.

ㅡ Jeongyeon

Watch the full video below:



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