TWICE Jeongyeon’s “Unlucky Hands” On Running Man Weren’t So Unlucky After All

It wasn’t the luckiest moment but it wasn’t all bad.

When it was announced that all nine members of TWICE were going to be guests on a recent episode of Running Man, everyone knew that that episode was going to have some pretty spectacular moments and it did!


First, there was Nayeon‘s adorable aegyo-filled acrostic poem that resulted in a surprising turn of events for Lee Kwang Soo!

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Then there were all of the adorable moments shared between Jihyo and Song Ji Hyo!

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But there was one more moment that really captured the hearts of netizens even if it wasn’t the luckiest.


After all of the exciting and fun games were played and the points were ready to get tallied, the producers pulled out one final game and the punishment was worse than anyone could have imagined! Whichever team lost the challenge would have to prep 100 cabbages for kimchi.


Each team member was filled with terror as they attempted to keep the kimchi pirate inside his barrel and why wouldn’t they be with a punishment like that?


When it was finally Jeongyeon‘s turn a few swords had successfully been inserted so Jeongyeon carefully chose a target…


And up popped the pirate!


This unlucky moment caused her entire team to be on kimchi duty.


Although Jeongyeon’s “unlucky hands” moment wasn’t good for her team, it actually wasn’t all that bad. While that episode of Running Man already had an outstanding audience rating at 5.3%, the moment when Jeongyeon lost and had to do the penalty with her team became the best one minute of the show with ratings at 8.8%!


So even though it wasn’t the luckiest moment for Jeongyeon, fans couldn’t be more proud of her for working hard and giving a little luck to the show’s ratings.