The Way TWICE’s Jihyo Makes Eye Contact With The Cameraman Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Try not to fall for Jihyo challenge: Failed!

TWICE‘s Jihyo, nicknamed “God Jihyo” for her proficiency in all areas of being an idol, can do just about anything with the utmost skill and grace. Recently, everything from her facial expressions to her eye contact is captivating both fans and non-fans.

From a unique angle of TWICE’s performance of “Alcohol-Free” that shows the members’ interactions with the cameraman, Jihyo’s ability to follow the camera’s every move effortlessly is enough to make even the most loyal of fans swerve into her bias lane.

With her doll-like eyes and refreshing expressions, netizens can’t help but compare her to a real-life Disney princess.

Her eyes are so big….

She’s a princess… ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Wow the camera is so close, idols are really amazing

— Netizens

Jihyo’s refreshing energy and royal visuals make her suit summer concepts like “Alcohol-Free” flawlessly!

Watch her captivating performance in action below.