Jihyo Looked like the Main Lead of a Movie at TWICE’s Most Recent Concert

All the photos look so surreal.

TWICE recently performed at their independent concert in Seoul, and each member lit up the stage with their individual talents and charms.

Among all the beautiful members, Jihyo particularly stood out by appearing in adorable pigtails and looking more vibrant than ever.

The way she put her hair in pigtails using beaded elastics allowed her youthful vibe to shine even brighter.

That’s not all. On this evening, Jihyo also gave off lovable charms while also showing off her big eyes that sparkle like no other.

With everything put together, Jihyo almost looked like the main lead of a romantic movie.

Seeing how well she pulls off just about any look and how entrancing her eyes are known to be, perhaps a movie starring TWICE’s Jihyo is well overdue.

Check out some more photos of Jihyo in pigtails below:

Source: Insight